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Small armchairs for the living room: islands of comfort in the sea of elegance

They are as precious and fascinating as a haute couture gown. They have elegant lines and the cosy comfort of a very soft embrace.

Modern armchairs are increasingly important in the living room; they are small atolls of design in the archipelago of the pieces of furniture in the living area.

Padded, comfortable, with arms: they have a comforting, encouraging image, which “tastes of home”. Designed to be comfortable, they turn into a graphic sign in the space, a unique piece which dresses the living room and furnishes it with personality.

In the following paragraphs, you will enjoy a trip among the most beautiful design armchairs of the moment, furnishing objects which represent a new way of interpreting relaxation. 

Where to put an armchair in the living room: the solutions between aesthetic enhancement and functionality

Which is the right place where to put an armchair in the living room

To answer this question, first of all you have to consider the size of the room, then the position and style of the other pieces of furniture. 

If the room is not wide, you’d better choose small, comfortable armchairs whose seat and backrest wisely combine aesthetics and ergonomics. In this case, you also have to carefully consider patterns and colours: it’s better to choose neutral, bright tones which are suitable to “an outward-looking” living room and to its being filled with light.

In wide rooms, on the contrary, the armchair for the living room does not have physical and stylistic limits. It can be personalised and become visual expression which conquers the space with a relaxing, elegant approach.

How to put sofa and armchairs

Generally speaking, there are normally two spaces where to put the armchair in the living room:

  • next to the sofa, turning the sitting furniture into a totem which enhances the main upholstery in the room. Armchairs can be combined with any types of sofa: angular, linear, with chaise longue and pouf. If there is enough space, you can use more than one in the same room.
  • in an empty corner of the living room, to fill that space and create your own island of comfort. Comfortable and elegant, the armchair can be conceived as a jewel which haughtily sparkles in a sophisticated, proportional balance between functionality and aesthetics. Until it almost becomes a precious object to hand down.

How to choose an armchair? 

When you put a new piece in an already furnished, well characterised space, you need to pay attention to some important aspects.

  1. Balance with the other pieces of furniture must never be jeopardized: mind the combinations of colours and styles;
  2. Harmony depends also on functionality: when placing the small armchairs in the living room, you don’t have to impede passage inside the room;
  3. If there are doors or windows in the room, you don’t have to cover the view with objects which prevent you from seeing “the horizon”.

Small, comfortable armchairs: each to its own place

The current prevailing models of armchairs for the living room have different features and styles: from simple shapes, which allow the creation of tailored interiors, to very colourful, “vitamin” models which evoke a playful, informal universe where relaxation is somewhere between dynamism and light-heartedness.

Here are the must-haves to indulge yourself with an embrace of softness and tenderness.

Design modern armchairs

Tradition and modernity blend into harmony of proportions in these modern armchairs for the living room.

The armchair with leather seat and metal structure is contemporary and charming. The curvy, embracing shapes of its seat are made slimmer by the base, which reinterprets the linear geometries of Contemporaneo style. This is a piece of furniture where modernity looks like refined tradition.

The armchair of eco-friendly leather with structure and legs of dark wood fascinates at first glance, with its iconic, sensual profiles. Its curvy, embracing shapes are enhanced by a soft padding which suggests relaxation, reading, enjoying a moment just for ourselves.

H3: Lounge chair

Chairs which are as comfortable as an armchair and which can be used in several ways, for a writing desk or in the dining room. This is perhaps the most flexible, versatile version of the classic armchair.

Minimalist, made of black metal with cotton cushion (link) or of rattan to add an ethno chic touch to your interior, these lounge chairs are very functional. Thanks to their small size, they are easy to use, their thin metal legs increase their structural and visual lightness. For a comfort which complies with the needs of everyday life. 

Design coloured armchairs

A Spring garden at home: these coloured design armchairs interpret traditional sitting furniture for the living room in a new way.

Armchairs for the living room which combine appearantly simple lines and contemporary aesthetics. The result is nice, graceful, a little gem which shimmers and provides light and colour, turning relaxation into a journey to faraway worlds.

Classic armchairs

Classic armchairs are flexible and versatile thanks to their compactness and informal character. Like this model, with structure and legs of natural wood and coating of soft fabric.

Clean, essential lines and elegant, refined lining to create a quiet corner which you will never want to leave.

Design leather armchairs

As charming as it is comfortable, this leather armchair with seat and footrest by L’oca Nera combines softness and simplicity. 

A piece of furniture with astonishing formal elegance, whose sophisticated effect is amplified by the metal structure of its base. The balance between comfort and simplicity is well underlined by its orthogonal planes which seem to merge into the compact cushions of the seat. For a perfect brit-style mood. 

H3: Fabric armchairs

This fabric armchair with structure and legs of natural wood combines refined shape and handicraft materials.

Its shapes explore the use of surface and volume through the combination between thin sides and back and soft, voluminous seat. 

The warm colour of mud wisely mixes tones and materials and recalls the powerful embrace of nature.

Discover L’Oca Nera’s small armchairs for the living room. A must-have for a living area where every furnishing piece lives in an atoll of relaxation and indulges into light-heartedness. And into peacefulness. 

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