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Marine decorations: for an enchanting trip to the heart of the Mediterranean sea … at home

Colours inspired by the sea, the sky, the clouds: these are the features of the Mediterranean style at home.

A kaleidoscope of objects and decorations which are interconnected as the waves of the sea and which provide the same calm, sounds and fragrances as the sea. 

Interior design in Mediterranean style is not only appearance, rather it becomes a way to get connected to the beauty and the peacefulness that only nature can provide.

We will now explore the charming world of the accessories to decorate your house in Mediterranean style: a thrilling voyage which turns into an eye-catching sensory experience that embraces your soul. 

Accessories to decorate your house: a poem of light and colours

Colour is fundamental when choosing the decorations in maritime style. A palette of exciting, bright tones which thrill the senses, carrying us to wonderful velvet beaches. The fresh turquoise of crystal clear water, the warm yellow of the sun which dances on the facades of small white houses, the burning red of breath-taking sunsets: these colours merge together and create a dynamic painting which turns every interior into a work of art. 

Colour is not the only element which enlivens sea-themed decorations. Light, with its effects of shades and reflections, can create a timeless charm. The wide windows open the doors to the Mediterranean sea, allowing light to delicately filter into the rooms, while light curtains and fabrics dance with the sea breeze. It looks as if light had a melodic voice, which whispers secrets of faraway voyages and of adventures along the coasts. 

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Decorative objects for your beach house: here are the must-haves

Decorations in maritime style can add a touch of elegance and refinement to your house. These objects, chosen with attention, tell stories of journeys, of different cultures and of the love of beauty which remind us how wonderful living “by the sea” is.

Which maritime objects can turn an interior into an oasis of peacefulness and beauty? 

1) Cushions with marine decorations

Cushions with marine decorations are one of the best ideas to be surrounded by the soft, warm embrace of Mediterranean style.

Soft, comfortable fabrics, with their bright colours and enchanting patterns, make you feel rocked by the waves of the sea. Delicate corals, nice fishes, stylised starfishes softly dance on the weaves of submerged worlds and hidden wonders. The sea will drive you among finely embroidered details and delicate textures, while the wind will tell you stories of faraway countries.  

2) Marine wall decorations

Thanks to marine decorations, walls come to life and lead you to a breath-taking experience, made of deep seas, distant places and wonderful colours.

Every object is important on its own and also in its being connected to the other decorative elements in the interior, “as echoes which for long and from far away tend to a deep whole…sounds reply to colours, colours to perfumes” .

It can be a decorative panel of enamelled metal which recreates the wave movement of water; or a painting whose brush strokes remind you of the unsteady flow of the waves; or a wooden mirror which wisely captures the sea essence, celebrating the thousand creatures which inhabit it.

Hanging marine decorations change interiors into authentic underwater tunnels, providing a feeling of peace and wonder at every glance.

3) Maritime decorative objects

Every detail of marine decorations, corals, vases, photo frames or wooden boats, is designed to provide a feeling of peacefulness and calm.

Corals, real sea treasures, can become wonderful decorative objects thanks to their shapes and delicate colours. Put on shelves or on tables, corals provide interiors with a sophisticated, dreamy touch, embodying magic and mystery. 

Vases in marine style recall the curvy shapes of the waves and the bright tones of the sea. Both when used with and without flowers, and with other decorative objects, they turn into charming, unique, eye-catching objects

Photo frames in marine style do not simply “show photos”; they are decorative objects which give character and style to your interiors. They invite you to remember beautiful moments, to share smiles and embraces. And to do it in a wave of emotions.

Wooden boats are a must-have among the marine objects. Symbolising faraway adventures, they give an authentic, rustic touch to your interiors. Put on shelves or tables, wooden boats recall the spirit of explored seas and of sunsets which paint the skies red. You can decorate them with small treasures you can find on the beach, as shells or starfishes, creating a unique, original combination.

Marine decorations are the ink the Mediterranean style uses to write verses of marvel. It turns your interiors into a poem of elegance: discover L’Oca Nera’s products on locanera.it.

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