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Where to put the diffusers? Some recommendations to decorate your house with the diffusers

Where to put the diffusers? Some recommendations to decorate your house with the diffusers

What is a perfume? ...a force of persuasion more convincing than words, appearance, feeling and will. [...] It penetrates us same as the air we breathe penetrates our lungs, it fills us, it totally dominates us, there is no way to oppose it.

The strongest and deepest answer to the question belongs to Patrick Süskind, author of “The Perfume”, one of the most brilliant, extraordinary, original novels of German literature. 

That “force of persuasion” Süskind writes about is an important element also for interior decoration. Architects and interior designers more and more often include diffusers of design in their projects, because they know and understand their double value: the beauty of shape, the emotion of substance.

A fragrance touches so much because it somehow makes otherwise fluid feelings and emotions tangible; a batch of emotional memories which can turn into the stylistic hallmark of a new way of furnishing that becomes sensory experience.

For these mechanisms to be triggered, however, improvisation must be banned: decorating with nice diffusers has its rules

Let’s discover them together.

How can you perfume your house?

Which are the best diffusers? One of the main “duties” of this object is to insure a constant, lasting effect of the fragrance you chose to perfume your interior.

Here are some recommendations to do it in a constant way.

1) The importance of the right balance between shape and space when choosing a diffuser

Which room do you have to embellish with the diffuser? It is fundamental to choose the size of the diffuser according to the size of the space where it will be used.

The proportions sizes-room must not be underestimated: if the diffuser is too small for the room where it is put, there will be an aesthetically disproportionate effect and the diffuser will end up losing its decorative strength as well. On the contrary, if the room is small and the diffuser is too big for it, there will be a feeling of “stylistic interference”.

This ratio of proportions also affects the strength of the fragrance. When the diffuser is small and the room is big, fragrance will vanish; in the opposite situation, fragrance could be too strong.

It is therefore necessary to find the right balance between shape and space, in order to insure an elegant decoration and, above all, to make sure fragrance covers all the space without altering its harmony

2) Where to put the diffusers?

The diffusers with sticks CANNOT be put everywhere. Their position is fundamental to make sure they work in the right way:

  • They must not be put below one meter or above one’s nose, since fragrance tends to go upwards and if you put the diffuser in a too high position, the fragrance you will smell will be less intense
  • Surfaces close to sources of heat and electricity must be avoided; they would cause rapid evaporation of the fragrance 
  • The ideal places where to put diffusers are tables, coffee tables, short pieces of furniture and consoles, together with other furnishing objects


How to use the diffusers?

Once you have placed the diffusers in the right place for them to insure very good perfuming, the diffusers with sticks are very easy to use.

When you use the product for the first time, we recommend to put the sticks in it and turn them upside down after about 60 minutes. Then, you can turn them again as you like it, according to the intensity of fragrance you prefer. This way, you will always have maximum fragrance effectiveness. 

So … what is a perfume

We understood it, thanks to this little guide: in interior design, it is a continuous journey in search of a sensory alphabet, capable of narrating and enhancing the hidden power of fragrance. A game of olfactory and creative harmonies where the places of memory will succeed.

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