Elegant Christmas decorations: the guide for trendy ornaments

Elegant Christmas decorations: the guide for trendy ornaments

What is the real magic of Christmas? The light of candles, a bunch of red berries, ornaments made of golden or silver wires; and then pine branches, wreaths, coloured lights, sparkling garlands.

Christmas ornaments and decorations can create a timeless atmosphere, where everything seems to have stopped, as if enraptured in a magical, light, suspended world. Our breath slows down, our heart smiles.

Here is the magic of Christmas.

It is in the atmosphere it can recall. And there is no better place than our house to live it with the sweet cosiness it deserves. 

In this guide we selected the best ideas for Christmas decorations: unique, researched objects to create warm, refined, comfortable interiors. And to create your timeless space where to enjoy moments of unforgettable happiness. 

Christmas home decorations: which is the colour of magic?

The magic of Christmas does not have just one colour, rather a thousand nuances.

This time of the year represents something different for each of us, and the choice of the colour of Christmas decorations is something personal, too. Playing with their symbolic power is the first step for creating a Christmas which can call to mind our sweet memories and feelings

White Christmas decorations

It is the colour of silence and purity. It evokes endless snowy expanses, sleepy winter landscapes. It is versatile, never invasive. It can make Christmas objects stand out or fill them with elegance

It is wonderful when combined with gold and bronze, or with raw materials like jute and wood. White Christmas decorations permit to obtain a cosy interior without giving up the care for details.


Christmas decorations in red colour

Vitality, warmth, energy: red is the colour of the awakening of deep feelings, of recovery after rest. It is surely among the most classic Christmas features, but there is still a lot to design and create. 

As for Christmas home decorations, red allows to create solutions which follow and respect tradition (just think about the match red/gold or red/silver) but also to exploit original, extra-ordinary creative solutions, like the combination of red and white: a strong contrast, yet extremely elegant.


The house decorated with green Christmas ornaments

Green symbolizes stability, serenity, naturalness. It is the colour of the Christmas tree, of mistletoe, of butcher’s broom, it smells of love for nature.

Thanks to its endless tones, it is good for whatever decorations and it can be easily combined with all the other Christmas colours. To decorate the house with objects which create a warm embrace made of quietness and balance. 


Golden and silver Christmas decorations

Royal colour since ancient times, gold means abundance and opulence. It gives incomparable brightness to any decorations, corners or details. For its historical and traditional meaning, it is the colour of luxury par excellence and it is almost always used in Christmas decorations. 

Silver is the most elegant among Christmas colours. Every element, ornament, decoration becomes more precious when it has a silver detail nearby, also providing a dreamy, rarefied atmosphere. It’s wonderful when combined with blue.

Christmas decorations 2022: tales of light for every corner of the house

Christmas tree decorations

In the beginning they were apples, red, hung as decorations on real fir trees. Nowadays the world of Christmas tree decorations is wide and you can choose whatever you like, according to your imagination and taste. 

Round shape is just a possibility. There are lots of shapes and types, and there are as many materials

From the balls with precious elements to the ones with inner led lights; from the objects of precious silk to the ones of metal: decorating the Christmas tree turns into a creative, personal exercise. Because everyone can write its own magic.


Christmas table decorations 

Perhaps more than any other corner of the house, the Christmas table can be considered as a white canvas on which to design a work of art which speaks of cosiness and warmth.

To get a chic, elegant atmosphere, it is important to choose the right decorations and also to be able to combine them in a refined way. You can focus on two elements: the centerpiece and the mise en place

You can use candles for your centerpiece, but you have to choose special ones, for example golden ones with shapes which reproduce Christmas trees or balls

Or you can use small glass lanterns, combined with standing decorations which recall and enhance their style. This is surely a more modern solution than the classic candle, but the elegance of their patterns and of their materials make them a timeless decoration.


The mise en place has to match the centerpiece, it has to recall its style and elements. We always recommend not to exaggerate. In this case, glasses and plates with classic lines can sweeten and complete the table in a nice way and with refinement.

Christmas window decorations

Is there anything better than decorating a window to send the Christmas atmosphere of your house outside the house, too? 


Wreaths are the perfect choice, better if they have led lights. From classic round wreaths to more innovative ones like stars and snowflakes, they are an original idea to decorate your windows at Christmas


If you have a covered terrace, why not using some lanterns with Christmas decorations there, too?  After a dinner spent with your friends, with a glass of mulled wine, it will be the perfect place to chat under the stars.

Christmas decorations for the fireplace

Those of you who are lucky enough to have a fireplace must decorate it for Christmas. With the right hints, it can become the protagonist of the whole Christmas interior decoration, providing the fairy, timeless atmosphere of this time of the year which we love.

You can choose among lots of objects. You can start from the classic lanterns, put in the center, on the sides or onto the fireplace.


You can use standing decorations like sweet animals of fabric or metal, happy coloured reindeers, small lamps with led lights, or even more classic objects like Santa Claus, trees, ceramic carousels. Little elements which tell stories and take you to faraway places. 


And don’t forget photo frames. Because nothing more than memories speaks to the heart.

Christmas decorations for the stairs

The hall and the stairs are usually disregarded but at Christmas time they can become special places if you decorate them with wreaths and lights.

Christmas decorations for the door

How to decorate the front door at Christmas?

The classic wreath is a must. Elegant, natural chic or contemporary, it does not matter: the wreath is an evergreen at Christmas, a necessary element which can be used in a different way year after year. 

But why stopping here? Large decorations with lights, like reindeers, gifts with big bows, stars and Christmas trees, are interesting solutions, too; they can be put on the sides of the door or along the stairs to guide and illuminate the way. 


The extra touch? A small decoration with bell hung on the handle! To make the magic of Christmas resound everywhere.

Ready to create your Christmas? With these recommendations about Christmas decorations you can start to design your fairy-tale world immediately!

Slow down your breath. Make your heart smile.

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