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There is more than the sofa… 4 ideas to change your house with special furnishing cushions

There is more than the sofa… 4 ideas to change your house with special furnishing cushions

Softly weaved, with wonderful sparkling colours, with various shapes and sizes, same as versatile artistic sculptures, the living room cushions are the alchemists of interiors.

They reveal their power with a simple gesture, allowing every interior to wear new clothes, as gracefully as a dance movement.

Their secret stays in simplicity.

In this guide you can find 4 ideas to use decorative cushions in a different way and to give a new look to your living room. 

Are you ready to be fascinated by the endless possibilities these furnishing jewels can provide?

How to decorate with cushions? The power to embrace elegance

We are accustomed to seeing them on the sofa, but cushions have a decorative power which goes beyond the sofa. 

They can embrace armchairs with a touch of elegance, they can turn chairs into functional works of art, they can embellish benches and special corners with originality and poetry. 

Here are all the ideas to paint interiors with new colours and shapes through furnishing cushions, playing with beauty and originality. 

1) Elegant furnishing cushions and armchairs: on the throne of refinement

Armchairs, more than sofas, are the protagonists of interiors when the space in the living room allows it. Comfortable, reassuring, sophisticated above all, armchairs are shelters of calmness and reflection, places where the mind is set free and the body relaxes.

The living room cushions are combined with armchairs as if they were precious stones, transforming their comfort and the very art of sitting

Refined fabric, elegant motives, luxurious softness: cushions complete armchairs and turn them into thrones of elegance, secret chests of comfort.

Every cushion becomes a poetic element which completes the figurative and tactile harmony of the living room, emphasising its style. 

2) Sitting in a world of colours and creativity with furnishing cushions

Simple seats? No, thanks! 

Only when they are conceived as little works of art can chairs express all their creative possibilities. And modern furnishing cushions are the perfect palette of colours and motives to characterise a stylish, refined interior.

Ça va sans dire, you have to carefully, wisely choose them, and to coordinate them with the atmosphere you like: precious fabrics for a touch of luxury, daring patterns for assessing one’s personality, neutral tones for timeless elegance. 

3) A warm invitation to come in: special furnishing cushions on the benches

The hall of a house always represents the prologue of a tale which is then told step by step. When decorating it, you have to carefully choose every element, using a creativity which turns problematic issues into elements of beauty (we spoke of this subject also in the guide: How to furnish a hall: 4 ideas to choose the pieces of furniture for the entryway).

Using benches of design is a successful idea, especially when these pieces of furniture are embellished with particular decorative cushions

We suggest that you choose fabrics which recall the foyer or light fabrics which capture the daylight and cast it on the rest of the interior design.  

When choosing the set of furnishing cushions, you have to think that you are customising your space and creating an atmosphere which turns the entryway into a place of connection and sharing

Every cushion becomes an invitation to come in, to be surrounded by the care you dedicated to the choice of every furnishing element. In an atmosphere which seems to be whispering: “Welcome home”

4) Decorative cushions and baskets: originality in the living room

When they are put on the sofa, decorative cushions become the storytellers of the living room by combining together all the elements in the interior in a visual tale through their colours and motives. Using them in an original way also on other elements and not only on the “king of the room” permits to enrich this tale with creativity.  

In this case, baskets made of willow tree can be a chapter full of wonder. 

Each cushion is therefore a note of personality, a statement of style that makes the living area a unique and cosy place, where routine disappears and is replaced by an atmosphere of wonder and relaxation.

Extremely versatile, particular furnishing cushions become real works of design where every detail, every texture, every pattern helps create a unique, customised interior. 

Art and functionality are braided as if they were threads of the same weave: cushions become fragments of one’s identity which immediately show the personality of the interiors. 

Discover the collection of furnishing cushions by L’Oca Nera!

And if you want to find the best way to put cushions on your sofa, you can also read the guide “How to put the cushions on the sofa: unique ideas to decorate with textiles”.

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