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How to decorate the house in Spring: 5 ideas to have interiors “blossom”

Spring is a time of rebirth and change. It is the time of the year when we feel like taking care of ourselves. And of our spaces. 

Often, when we pass from the greyness of winter to the liveliness of spring and summer, we feel like embellishing our house, changing the interiors imitating the wonderful spectacle of the first blooming flowers.  

But how to embellish the house in Spring? 

After all, all we have to do is to have a look at the world that surrounds us and be inspired by the colours that bring liveliness to the atmosphere. As the first new flowers appear on the ground with their symphony of colours and fragrances, at home we can reawaken the sparkling energy of nature that is slowly bursting with beauty.

Renovating the house in Spring in 5 steps

Decorating the house in Spring means embellishing interiors with fabrics and objects which remind us of buds of peony, gardenia and rose. It means turning interiors into a world which tastes of grassy clearings, of warm sunny days. 

“Floral” design offers endless inspiration. It can be used just as a touch of colour, a delicate texture, or it can turn into a prevailing pattern, a lively printing. Whatever its shape and way, it communicates beauty, harmony and naturalness, and it can be personalised in lots of different ways to create a unique style, which “tastes of ourselves”

Where shall we start from, without changing the whole furnishing? Here are 5 ideas.

1) Making the house cosier through floral furnishing

Imagine to have an armchair or a pouf whose pattern tells stories of Spring in the living room. This would be enough to give a new look to the whole interior.

This is what happens with this product by L’Oca Nera: a coloured armchair with floral pattern, wooden structure and golden metal legs. An explosion of life which fills every interior with colour, turning it into a small domestic garden.

After all, there are pieces of furniture to renovate the house in Spring which can be really surprising if they are chosen tastefully. The result will be so beautiful, elegant and harmonious that you will feel like using them all year round.

2) How to decorate the house in Spring with flowers

Botany, in all its forms, is certainly one of the fundamental tools to renovate the house in Spring.

In the guide “Decorating the house with artificial flowers”, we had explained that artificial flowers are increasingly appreciated and used as furnishing objects (and not only by the people with a green thumb …). And when it comes to decorating the house for Spring and Summer, their chromatic and visual power undoubtedly represents a creative universe on which to draw heavily. 

Thanks to their lasting beauty and colour, artificial flowers embellish interiors and don’t need special care. They perform at best when they are well combined with vases

This decorative object focuses on pastel colours and plays with materials, like glass, to capture light and give it back, multiplied, enhanced, to the surrounding space. 

Beautiful also when used on their own, they become a sophisticated design combination when matched together. They permit to create little domestic oases where everything seems to emerge from hibernation. 

3) Tablecloths like paintings: the original idea to embellish the house in Spring

What about moving the tablecloth to the walls and turning it into a stage backdrop, a bold and hypnotic spring curtain?

One of the most original ways to quickly and temporarily renovate the house in Spring is to give table textiles a new furnishing role: being actual, real paintings.

Naïve brushstrokes, cascades of flowers and coloured leaves create a bucolic, dreamy combination, the best scenic backdrop for a house which aims at blossoming with refinement and elegance.

L’Oca Nera’s tablecloths collection permits to reinterpret table textiles with creativity and versatility. Table textiles become a hymn to joy, a colour explosion which celebrates the rebirth of interiors. Starting from the walls. 

4) Pastel carpets and cushions: when Spring is stitched into fabrics

Spring means renewal, and one way for the house to "go well" with this season is using the right fabrics. If dark colours filled the rooms in Winter, pastel colours now claim the brush.

You can use cushions with delicate nuances and floral embroideries which embellish your living space with their handicraft details. Or carpets with embossed decorations where Spring seems to be woven in every thread.

5) Home fragrances: the sweet scent of nature awakening

Can we think about Spring and Summer without considering their scent? 

That’s why fragrance diffusers are an important furnishing object when you want to decorate your house in Spring

They smell of countryside, of freshly opened petals, of afternoons spent outdoor. They bring indoor the warmth and explosive happiness of the “outdoor”, providing every breath with a dance of flower.

This way, emotions turn into new elements of interior design. 

Proust wrote: “We are like flowers which bloom only for a short moment, yet they contain the promise of eternal beauty”. Well, that is how we like conceiving the house decorated in Spring: petals of colour which blossom in a garden of endless elegance. 

Create your own garden with L’Oca Nera’s products!

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