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What cannot be missing in a new house? The list of necessary furnishing objects

A new house, how tiring!

When you have to furnish a new house or to renovate an existing one, the list of the things to do is endless.

Usually, the attention is focused on “macro-interventions”: choosing the right kitchen, designing a functional bathroom, decorating the bedrooms exploiting the available spaces at best.

What else? 

How often do you think “something is missing”, “this interior does not have the personality I would like”?

That is when furnishing objects come into play; they decorate interiors and enliven them with a touch of poetry and an essence which transcends their practical function. 

Putting the right furnishing objects in the house is not so easy as it might seem. We tend to buy a lot (too much) without well considering the spaces we have. On the contrary, each furnishing object should perfectly, correctly fit the rest, be agreeable and functional. 

Which are the necessary furnishing objects when you move to a new house? In this guide we try to describe a “first house kit” to turn your interiors into a shelter of modern elegance. 

Furnishing objects: why are they so important in a new house?

It is easy to understand the importance of furnishing objects in a house. Imagine a bookcase without books, shelves without any objects, empty cupboards, walls with no mirrors or paintings. What do you get? Anonymous interiors, without characters and personality … 

When enhancing the spaces, the furnishing object has three functions:

  • a practical one, when it performs the task it was designed for: a painting decorates, a coat rack helps to organise the jackets, a table is a base;
  • it fills empty spaces
  • it helps to work on the palette of colours, either confirming it or turning it upside down

These functions become more important when you have to choose the right accessories to decorate a new house

New house checklist: the furnishing objects which cannot be missing

Decorating a new house does not mean filling it with randomly purchased objects. The first rule stays the simplest (and often hardest to follow): do not exaggerate, do not get carried away, do not overdo.  

To succeed, you have to integrate at several points and with several strategies. Let’s try to see how to do it. 

1) Lighting: what it is useful to have at hand to decorate the house

There are 3 main lighting levels: general, intermediate and of design. While the first two are usually fulfilled in the general design phase, the design lighting is the hardest to create because it implies accurate choices, which are important to make interiors warm and cosy avoiding the “too much” effect.

Floor lamps are an important aid. They are practical and space saving because they occupy a limited area on the floor, and they are ideal to fill the living room with low, delicate lights. 

While floor lamps help create a dim, warm atmosphere, table lamps play an important role in making surfaces dance with elegant light effects. They become a necessary accessory to enhance interiors, turning the house into a place of beauty and creativity. 

2) The walls: what to buy for a new house? 

Wall paintings are the most audible notes, the deepest chords of the symphony created by the interiors. It’s impossible not to include them in the furnishing objects kit for a new house.

Classic, refined, abstract: every painting is able to turn the interior into a work of art, an expression of one’s style and taste. 

Mind the patchwork, however: there must be coherence, in terms of style and of arrangement (you can also read our guide how to hang paintings). Impulsively buying whatever you like is a mistake. The colour palette of a room must be always kept in mind, to avoid visual clutter. 

3) The necessary elements in the hall of a new house

The house hall is like the cover of a book, it is the first impression you get about the house when crossing its threshold. It is the prologue of a story you will then discover inside the house. This is why it is important to create an eye-catching, nice space which welcomes with a touch of elegance and refinement (we have already spoken about it in our guide how to furnish a hall)

There are some elements which we do not often think about but which actually clearly prove one’s style and hospitality. 

Coat rack: not only does it have the function of “hook”, it also has an aesthetic character which expresses style and refinement

Umbrella stand: this small furnishing object is an important keeper of order and aesthetics. Its design can be classic, or modern and minimalist with clear lines and contemporary materials. It is always a statement of style which welcomes guests and gives them a hint of the design of the whole house. 

Pocket emptier: it is both a functional container and an accessory which celebrates beauty in simplicity. A little jewel of design which can have lots of shapes: clear, minimalist lines or more creative, detailed patterns. It belongs to the useful things to have at home and it can give a hint of who we are. 

4) The clock: to put the hands on the time of elegance

It is a furnishing object which combines functionality and beauty, and its design becomes a precious element in the interiors.

It has to be carefully selected because it can either be a discreet or a daring element, according to the style you choose. 

5) The mirror: a window on a world of interior design possibilities

Among the furnishing objects to take into consideration for a new house, the mirror is perhaps the most charming, because not only is it an object which reflects figures, it is also a canvas where to paint the essence of the house.

Strategically put, mirrors can change a room, adding depth and brightness to it, amplifying the interior and “opening” it. 

Furnishing objects characterize interiors, they make them “our interiors”. That is why you must include them in the checklist of the decorative objects of a new house when you design it. 

They must be carefully chosen, same as a painter chooses the colours for his painting. This way, the house can turn into a canvas ready to show a new story. Yours. 

You can find lots of ideas about useful furnishing objects to buy for a new house on locanera.it.

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